I was lost

I was lost,

but now found,

Im back

to stay forever.




Shoot up a school,

You must be a fool.

So many young lives gone, 

So much opportunity lost, 

But they live forever, 

Never will be forgotten,

I pray for their families,

We all share many similarities,

But until they day I die,

I’ll always ask “Why”?

Myself & I

Always bringing negativity 

Some way able to bring positivity,

Never take the answer no 

Just remember my name when I go,

Always keep a positive vibe 

Never been the one to tell a lie,

Always keep this in mind

Remember my name when I die.



How do you describe yourself?

Im 19 years old with high expectations of being successful in the entertainment industry. I plan to be a CEO, have my own Tv show, produce new ideas, author of a book, act in movies, and more. My belief is to always strive forward, and never look back. I’ve been at the lows and highs, and I choose to never give up.

This post is to show others who think they have no meaning in their life to stop and think…. Know there is something out there for you.IMG_3897

State of Mind

Haver you ever thought about what being successful is? Many think, oh go to college and get a good degree. Yes this helps but is not always the easiest way. I am here to say that being creative is the new way to success. Do your own ideas, produce new content, and do what you love. This also may not be easy, but your doing what you love to benefit yourself and your entire future.

– Drew